30 April - 1 May 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

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Research Innovation 2018 - View Final Program

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Research Innovation Summit 2018!

The 2018 event has a brand new focus on:

  • Increasing business communication and engagement strategies early in partnerships to create meaningful outcomes and real value propositions
  • Improve understanding of cultural differences between universities and industry and how to align values through education
  • Increasing enterprise and university collaboration to create an entrepreneurial mindset and commercialise research
  • Sourcing funding in a changing environment and exploring how to budget, allocate resources efficiently and measure and benchmark ROI


Improving Research Outcomes By Enhancing the Linkages between Researchers and Industry

Policy, tax incentives are critical to facilitating better collaboration, translation and commercialisation. The current government is focused on driving change to encourage R&D and increase business impact with the National Innovation Agenda and the R&D Tax Incentive Review. In this presentation from Research Innovation 2017,  Dr. Leanna Read, Chief Scientist of South Australia, looks beyond the recommendation, to the nitty gritty of policymaking for change, inlcuding:
  • Addressing the paradigm shift from publication focused incentives to commercialisation focused incentives
  • Investigating the role for government in facilitating commercialisation and translation
  • Exploring fracture points within the ecosystem (differing incentives, disconnect between researchers and business) and leveraging policy to bridge those gaps

Removing the Barriers of Effective Knowledge Transfer: Discussing Easy Access IP, Easy Access Research and Knowledge Transfer Metrics

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2017,  Kevin Cullen, CEO, UNSW Innovations, looks at the barriers that exist within the research ecosystem that impede knowledge transfer, prove to be an obstacle to industry engagement and limit commercialization.

It addresses how Easy Access IP, Easy Access Research and Knowledge Transfer Metrics can be developed to drive collaboration and commercialization, including:
  • Evaluating Easy Access IP and Easy Access Research and their role in driving knowledge transfer and ensuring IP is used
  • Developing a narrative to gain support and buy-in to drive the shift
  • Discussing existing R&D incentives and moving away from research for publication

Understanding and Exploring a Research Translation and Commercialisation Framework

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2017, Prof. Sakkie Pretorious, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Macquarie University, explores a framework that Macquarie University have in place to improve the effectiveness of commercialisation and translation. It will highlight its partnership with Macquarie Park, including:

  • Building effective partnerships
  • Discussing the IP
  • Channelling socio-economic outcomes

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Building Meaningful Partnerships for Improved Collaboration and Research Commercialisation

In this article, Dr. Leanna Read, Chief Scientist of South Australia. Leanna looks at the impact of new government incentives on Research and Development, and discusses the impact of meaningful research partnerships on overall collaboration and industry commercialisation. 

Reshaping Research

Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger is a National Heath and Medical Research Council Research Fellow, and is the head of Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Centre for Medical Research, The University of Western Australia, where he runs a laboratory group researching hormone therapies.  

Kevin is also Chief Scientific Advisor of Dimerix Limited, a spin-out company from the Perkins and The University of Western Australia.

In this article, we chat to Kevin about the need to reshape the research sector and the culture surrounding it.  Kevin also shares insights into building meaningful partnerships for better research collaboration and commercialisation that will ultimately see economy-wide benefits.  

Aligning Goals & Driving Commerciality Through Research Partnerships with Thales

In this article, John Best, Vice President of Technology and Research & Development at Thales Australia. John shares how Thales is driving commerciality through research partnerships, and how better communication with research partners has led to a greater return on investment. 

National Media

‘Australia-first’ agtech research centre in Melbourne

Monash University and Bosch Australia have teamed up to create what they say will be an Australia-first smart agriculture research facility, which will include an agtech launchpad facility and development centre spread over one hectare at Bosch's headquarters in Clayton, Victoria.

First Australian Defence Cooperative Research Centre formed for development of Trusted Autonomous Systems

This is being set up under the NGTF, with AU$50 million invested over 7 years to deliver trustworthy smart-machine technologies for new defence capabilities based on advanced human-machine teaming concepts.

Exclusive Content

How Macquarie University is doubling commercial deals on research projects through a focus on engagement and collaboration

Over the last two years, Macquarie University has doubled their commercial research deals and has secured partnerships with companies such as Cochlear and Horticulture Australia. 

In this article, Anna Grocholsky, Director, Commercialisation and Innovation at Macquarie University shares how her team has rolled-out programs focused on research engagement, commercial impact and how they are fostering a start-up mind-set to ensure research innovation and success.