30 April - 1 May 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

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UNSW’s Technology Transfer Approach

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2016 Kevin Cullen, CEO at UNSW Innovations explores:

  • Evaluating Easy Access IP and Easy Access Research and their role in driving knowledge transfer and ensuring IP is used
  • Developing a narrative to gain support and buy-in to drive the shift
  • Discussing existing R&D incentives and moving away from research for publication

Accelerating Innovation with Industry & Academic partnerships

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2016 Joanna Batstone, Ph.D,Vice President and Lab Director at IBM Research - Australia explores how cognitive technologies can empower businesses everywhere to drive innovation and transformation in an era where the world is awash with data. New research disciplines emerge, new university coursework appears, and industries look to transform their business. In this session we will explore how to build an ecosystem of partners, using the Watson Cognitive journey as a case study.

Innovation Logic

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2016 Simon Dewulf, CEO at AULIVE discusses the potential impact of structured innovation methods and the creative access to international patent literature on Australian research and technology commercialisation.

Growing the Effectiveness of Technology Transfer to Research Commercialisation

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2016 Dean Moss, CEO at Uniquest explores: 

  • Putting ideas into business: Strategies and challenges
  • Setting up parameters to effectively translate research into business
  • Identifying the gaps and how to overcome them

Effectively Managing the Cost of Research and Development to Encourage Research Partnerships

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2016 Ellen Gorissen, Commercialisation Director, Business Development & Commercial at CSIRO explores: 
  • Exploring opportunities for cost reduction in R&D partnerships
  • Investigating effective barter like deals that are mutually beneficial
  • Reducing the cost of engagement
  • Discussing quicker technology transfer

Fast-tracking and De-Risking Innovation within local innovation ecosystems

In this presentation from Research Innovation 2016 Dr. Angeline Achariya, General Manager Food Innovation Centre at Mondelez International explores: 

  • Understanding key stakeholders, their goals and challenges: universities, schools, local city councils, small businesses
  • Building engagement
  • Challenges faced and strategies to overcome them

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Thales - Aligning Goals & Driving Commerciality Through Research Partnerships

Ahead of Research Innovation 2017 we chat with John Best, Vice President of Technology and Research & Development at Thales Australia. John shares how Thales is driving commerciality through research partnerships, and how better communication with research partners has led to a greater return on investment.

Building Meaningful Partnerships for Improved Collaboration and Research Commercialisation

Ahead of Research Innovation 2017 we chat with Dr. Leanna Read, Chief Scientist of South Australia. Leanna looks at the impact of new government incentives on Research and Development, and discusses the impact of meaningful research partnerships on overall collaboration and industry commercialisation.

Reshaping Research: Building Meaningful Partnerships for Research Collaboration and Commercialisation

Ahead of Research Innovation 2017 we chat to Kevin about the need to reshape the research sector and the culture surrounding it.  Kevin also shares insights into building meaningful partnerships for better research collaboration and commercialisation that will ultimately see economy-wide benefits.

Case Studies

Case Study: 43 Research Partnerships: Behind the success at UNSW Innovations

Ahead of Research Innovation 2016, CEO Kevin Cullen discusses how UNSW Innovations is removing obstacles to facilitate the transfer of both knowledge and technology, to create partnerships that influence economic and social outcomes. 

National Media

Research and Innovation through UNSW Australia

Technology has become part of our life. We see that the people from the entire world updating and upgrading with lots of innovation and researches. We find technology in each and every field. With the help of technology every country is progressing. The present situation is that we cannot imagine a world without technology. Many scientists and engineers are dedicatedly working in the fields of research and technology to help the man kind in progressing in different fields. These innovations and researches would benefit the country in terms of saving time, financial progress and many other ways. It has also saved many lives in the medical field.

Medical and scientific research at a crossroads in Australia as funding stagnates

AUSTRALIA faces an impending healthcare crisis and a mass exodus from the scientific and medical research community unless adequate funding can be found, says the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR)

UNSW a big winner in latest Australian Research Council funding round

The University of NSW has been awarded $47.8 million to fund 120 research projects in the latest Australian Research Council funding round announced on Tuesday.
Four other universities in Sydney combined – Macquarie, Sydney, University of Technology and Western Sydney – received $56.6 million, just $8.8 million more in ARC funding than UNSW did on its own.

MainStream Media

Theresa May announces £2 billion boost for UK research

The UK government will invest an extra £2 billion per year in research and development by 2020, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced at the Confederation of British Industry’s annual conference.

A new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund will be overseen by the yet-to-be establish UK Research and Innovation to back technologies in fields where the UK has the chance to excel, such as robotics and biotechnology.

How to turn Europe’s large research infrastructures into engines of innovation

Europe has the opportunity to enhance its innovation capacity by strengthening cooperation between analytical research institutes and companies, providing industry with new ways to access expertise and powerful state of the art machines.