Research Innovation 2018

Maximising the Commercial Impact of Innovative Research Through Collaboration, Cultural Change And Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Communication● Culture Change● Commercialisation ● Collaboration

Research and Innovation are essential to the growth of the Australian economy- and with the Australian Government investing $10.3 billion in research and experimental development in 2017–18 and PwC suggesting that worldwide R&D spending increasing by 3.2 percent in 2017 to $702 billion now is the time for Australia to make big advances in innovation!

With this in mind, the 3rd Annual Research Innovation Summit returns, which includes brand new case studies surrounding creating a mutually beneficial partnership, increasing collaboration and culture changes, to maximise commercialisation of research. This conference will bring together universities and industry to discuss the challenges surrounding partnerships and commercialisation.

Key topics being addressed:

  • Increasing business communication and engagement strategies early in partnerships to create meaningful outcomes and real value propositions
  • Improve understanding of cultural differences between universities and industry and how to align values through education
  • Increasing enterprise and university collaboration to create an entrepreneurial mindset and commercialise research
  • Sourcing funding in a changing environment and exploring how to budget, allocate resources efficiently and measure and benchmark ROI

What’s New for 2018

  • The only conference that is focused on bridging the gap between industry and universities
  • Case studies from industry perspective on investment from Pfizer, Merck, Siemens and many more
  • Case studies analysing best practice and lessons learned from specific programs designed to help increase collaboration from the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Queensland, the University of South Australia and the CSIRO
  • Discussing culture change and enhancing communication from multiple perspectives to drive commercial outcomes and impact of research

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Event Highlights This Year?


A case study from the University of Adelaide on their partnership with the Defence Science and Technology Group discussing the set up of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability and the Innovation Hub with the use of over $1.5 billion in funding


A case study from Swinburne University of Technology and Siemens Pacific on their partnership and the National Industry 4.0 Strategy


10 case studies on commercialisation and discussing a research and industry partnership


7 case studies on changing culture and educating students to be entrepreneurially minded

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