Maximising the Economic Impact of Research through Collaboration and Commercialisation

Translation ● Technology Transfer ● Commercialisation ● Collaboration

Although Australia is a benchmark for research excellence it is still a minnow when it comes to commercialisation and industry partnership.

Research Innovation has continued to build momentum since the  2015 National Innovation and Science Agenda, with several moves towards improving commercialisation and collaboration:

  • The review of R&D tax incentives in October 2016
  • The revision of awarding grants – shifting the onus from publication to economic impact

The Research Innovation conference returns with its second edition to gear up for the next step in driving economic impact. The 2017 programme will focus on building effective, mutually beneficial partnerships with insights from all stakeholders including research agencies, government, industry and universities.

Key topics being addressed:

  • Capturing and measuring partner investment and ROI
  • Discussing IP protection and ownership
  • Exploring the Government’s role as a facilitator of better partnerships through policy
  • Building effective partnerships in the Arts and Humanities
  • Investigating alternative funding models
  • Forming communication channels for a better working partnership
  • Using Co-design for a great partnership
  • Aligning different drivers for a common goal

What’s New for 2017

  • What’s New for 2017
  • More industry lead sessions
  • 50% female speaker faculty representing diversity in the sector
  • Over 75% new case studies
  • Insights from Chief Scientists: South Australia and Victoria confirmed so far plus Queensland’s first ever Chief Entrepreneur
  • Panel discussions and structured networking sessions to boost interaction and sharing of ideas

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What’s new this year?


Network with peers from across industries to address issues with driving research innovation


Understanding how to effectively invest for a quicker ROI


Building an innovative ecosystem where various industries, government, academia, and venture capital can improve their collaborations and partnerships in research innovation


Gain on-the-ground insights from Start-ups & Consultants into specific market sectors, competitors and customer’s demands to help improve your competitive differentiation


Increase awareness and understanding of the ambition and strategic direction on research innovation within a challenging climate, and the critical government strategies.

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